Deadly Mistake#1: Not Maintaining a Subscriber List

Note: This is the 10th out of the 10 deadly common mistakes that will get your number instantly banned by WhatsApp

  • Deadly mistake #1: Not Maintaining a Subscriber List
  • Deadly mistake #2: Messaging from a brand new number.
  • Deadly mistake #3: Sending WhatsApp messages to a completely random database
  • Deadly mistake #4: Having a spammer-like profile
  • Deadly mistake #5: Sending 2000 messages on day 1
  • Deadly mistake #6: Selling from the first sentence
  • Deadly mistake #7: Not taking care of the basic things
  • Deadly mistake #8: Not understanding how WhatsApp works
  • Deadly mistake #9: Not asking for option, Not respecting unsubscribe
  • Deadly mistake #10: Ban -> unban and back to spamming

WhatsApp is a powerful tool to connect with your audience and potential customers. It has the highest engagement compared to other digital channels. However, it's important to use it responsibly and avoid spamming people in order to grow your business successfully.
To make the most of WhatsApp:

  1. Build an audience and establish trust by providing value.
  2. Continuously engage with your audience by consistently delivering value.
  3. Stay top-of-mind by regularly sharing valuable content.
  4. WhatsApp combined with WASender allows you to engage your entire audience efficiently.
  5. WhatsApp offers high engagement and reply rates compared to other platforms. 

However, it's crucial to use this power responsibly. Instead, focus on creating a strategic funnel for your business to drive growth.
Remember, instant success is unlikely. By consistently engaging your subscriber list on WhatsApp over a couple of months, you can build a dedicated audience who eagerly listens to your messages. With time, your audience will grow significantly, bringing tremendous value to your business.

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