Deadly mistake #2: Messaging from a brand new number.

Note: This is the 10th out of the 10 deadly common mistakes that will get your number instantly banned by WhatsApp

  • Deadly mistake #1: Not Maintaining a Subscriber List 
  • Deadly mistake #2: Messaging from a brand new number.(Current Article)
  • Deadly mistake #3: Sending WhatsApp messages to a completely random database
  • Deadly mistake #4: Having a spammer-like profile
  • Deadly mistake #5: Sending 2000 messages on day 1
  • Deadly mistake #6: Selling from the first sentence
  • Deadly mistake #7: Not taking care of the basic things
  • Deadly mistake #8: Not understanding how WhatsApp works
  • Deadly mistake #9: Not asking for option, Not respecting unsubscribe
  • Deadly mistake #10: Ban -> unban and back to spamming

You need to read this carefully if your WhatsApp web looks something like this












If you have just signed up for WhatsApp with a new number, it's important to understand the limitations when using it with our software or for bulk messaging.

Using a new number for regular WhatsApp messaging to your contacts is generally fine. However, if you use a brand new number for bulk messaging, your number is likely to get banned after sending around 40 to 50 messages.

Why does messaging from a new number lead to a ban?

WhatsApp's algorithm actively monitors spam behavior. If you start messaging numerous "unknown" contacts quickly and your messaging pattern resembles that of spammers, WhatsApp will ban the number.

Professional spammers often operate with multiple new numbers running on sim card servers, enabling them to send large volumes of messages.

To avoid getting your number banned, it's crucial to use WhatsApp responsibly and avoid behavior that resembles spam. Please stick to messaging known contacts and avoid sending unsolicited bulk messages.

These are newly created numbers on WhatsApp, meaning they have no history or reputation. They are primarily used for sending spam messages to unknown recipients.

If your messaging behavior resembles that of spammers using these new numbers, there is a high likelihood that your number will be banned by WhatsApp.

While getting your number banned is not catastrophic, it is certainly not ideal for your business. If your number does get banned, you might wonder what steps to take next.

So, what is the solution?

Cómo proteger tus conversaciones de WhatsApp Web

To avoid such issues, it is recommended to use a number that is at least three months old and has been actively used on WhatsApp for regular messaging with known contacts before utilizing it with our Software or for bulk messaging purposes. This way, your number will have an established presence and history on the platform, reducing the chances of being flagged as spam.